Dallas Dentures Dentist Explains the Process of Dentures Placement

Dallas Dentures Dentist Explains the Process of Dentures Placement

Oct 01, 2019

When you have a missing tooth, it is natural to consult a dentist near you about viable solutions for your problem. Missing a tooth is not something for children only, even though children’s dentistry in Sarasota has a lot of those cases. An accident can cause an adult to lose a tooth, among other reasons. Old people are not new to the idea of missing a tooth or two.

What is a denture?

A denture is among the many solutions there are to fixing a missing tooth situation. Typically, it is a removable replacement for missing tooth. Some people have one or two missing teeth, while others have all teeth missing. For this reason, there are two types of dentures: partial and complete dentures. The complete dentures are used for replacement when all teeth are missing. The partial dentures are used when a few teeth are missing. The partial dentures are also called overdentures.

For old people, it is possible to have no teeth remaining, at one point in their life. Getting dentures is a great way to improve their smile, facial appearance as well as functionality when eating. Other people may also require dentures, especially after accidents. Examples of some people who often visit dentists in 34238 for dentures placement include footballers, wrestlers, and boxers.

Denture Preparation

Your first visit to a dentist in Sarasota will focus on oral checkup to ascertain your need for dentures. The dentist will examine the condition of your gums, along with the supporting bone structure. The examination will include checking how many teeth you are missing.

For some patients, the preparation period might necessitate a surgery following the state of the supporting bone structure. The surgery is usually to correct the bony ridges, to ensure they do not interfere with the stability of the dentures when installed.

Types of complete dentures

Complete dentures can either be immediate or conventional dentures. Immediate dentures are made in advance. Ideally, when you visit a Sarasota dentist near you, the surgery to correct the bony ridges requires some time to heal. For this healing period, immediate dentures are installed temporarily so you have teeth as you heal.

Conventional dentures are a lot different from immediate dentures. They are used after the gum has healed from the surgery. Usually, it may take around 12-24 weeks after the surgery for conventional dentures to be installed. The period is to allow for healing.

When do you need immediate dentures?

For some people, the situation is different. The condition of the remaining teeth may not be good enough. A dentist in Sarasota FL will, in this case, remove the remaining teeth. When this happens, the placement of the immediate dentures has to be done to help with proper healing. The immediate dentures are easily modifiable to ensure they fit properly as the gum tissues heal. The good news is that they are made to most closely match your natural teeth. This ensures minimal changes in your appearance.

Final denture placement

Conventional dentures are used for the final placement. This is the permanent solution to the missing teeth problem. Technically, the process only begins when the gum tissues have had sufficient time to heal. You may need to check whether your dentist is open on Saturday to check the progress of your healing before the final step.

Over the healing period, changes will occur in your mouth. The gum tends to shrink with time. The underlying bone structure will also be changing over time. For this reason, you may need frequent readjustments. Sometimes, you will have to schedule an emergency dentist in Sarasota appointment for soft or hard relining procedures. This will help accommodate the changes in your gum and bone structure.

The denture placement will be done on both the upper and lower jaws, for complete dentures. You do not have to worry about looking unnatural with dentures installed. Conventional dentures are crafted to match the structure of your bones and gums for a more natural look.

Denture Care

You may need some few days to get used to your new smile. With dentures in place, you need to practice thorough dental care. This will help prevent oral irritation and infections on your gums. You must also remember to remove your dentures at night when you sleep. The reason is that your gums need to be bathed by saliva to maintain a healthy mouth.

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