Dental Implants Are Appropriate Gifts for Yourself This Christmas to Restore Your Smile

Dental Implants Are Appropriate Gifts for Yourself This Christmas to Restore Your Smile

Jan 01, 2021

Christmas is a time to exchange pleasantries and gifts with friends and members of the family. If you are in a unique situation with missing teeth that have hampered the smiling ability, why not consider giving yourself a gift of dental implants to restore your missing smile? You will do yourself a favor by enabling your oral and overall health to get back in prime condition by making a small investment in dental implants to replace your missing teeth.

Want to know why you must give precedence to replacing your missing teeth? If it has already been some time since you lost your natural chompers, you may already experience difficulties in chewing and eating the foods you love. Your facial appearance would have begun to sag because tooth loss would encourage jawbone resorption, making you look older than you are. You also experience challenges when speaking, which is a natural phenomenon after tooth loss.

You must attempt to overcome all the issues affecting you before the arrival of Christmas when you undoubtedly have many friends and family members coming over to greet you. You wouldn’t want to display a toothless grin before everyone, would you? If you’re going to overcome this challenge, sitting by the Christmas tree and asking Santa Claus won’t help you get dental implants. You must search for dental implants near me and undergo an immediate evaluation if you can schedule an appointment and prepare yourself for the dental implant procedure.

Preparing Yourself for Dental Implants

Dental implants are not available in the drugstore near you or any supermarket and are only available from dental professionals. It would help if you visited the dental implant Center to understand whether you are suitable for implant placements and can have them before Christmas.

Your visit to the dental implant Center to replace your missing teeth will put you with various specialists, including an oral or maxillofacial surgeon, a periodontist, a prosthodontist, and even an ENT specialist. The dental implant procedure requires you to have multiple surgeries. Therefore you must have a thorough evaluation when preparing for the process.

You undergo a comprehensive dental exam with x-rays and three-dimensional images of your teeth and jaw to create models. The specialists will review your medical history and inquire about all medications you take and conditions affecting you. A treatment plan customized for your situation considers how many teeth you want to have replaced, and the state of your jawbone is created specifically for you.

What to expect during dental implant surgery

Dental implant surgery is an outpatient procedure performed in stages. Plenty of time is required between the surgeries for healing. Multiple steps are involved in the process of dental implant placement. They have damaged tooth removal, jawbone preparation (if needed), dental implant placement, bone growth and healing, abutment placement, and artificial tooth placement.

You may think if plenty of time is required for the healing, how can your dentist give you a better smile before Christmas as it is just a month away. Your thoughts are justified by dentists now have access to technology, allowing them to place temporary artificial teeth on your implant immediately after placement. Therefore you can rest assured you will be in a position to smile before everyone on Christmas Day when they arrive to greet you. Perhaps the only restriction placed upon you may be biting hard into the turkey or any hard Candy to avoid damaging the temporary artificial teeth.

The process of having dental implants requires many months from beginning to finish. However, the procedure gives you artificial teeth appearing and feeling natural like your original teeth. No one around you will realize you have fake teeth in your mouth unless you make an effort to advertise the excellent way dental implant in Sarasota, FL, implanted the titanium posts into your jawbone.

Dental implant placement performed by Strickland family dentistry will let you have a gracious smile on Christmas Day and for many years after that because dental implants are a permanent fixture remaining with you for a lifetime with proper dental hygiene. The investment you make in dental implants will have you smiling not merely for Christmas 2020 but many more festivals in 2021 and beyond. You will enjoy having dental implants in your mouth to get back all abilities you lost with your natural teeth. However, the time available at your disposal is short, and if you intend to smile on Christmas Day, you had better visit dental implants near you without wasting time.

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