Five Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Five Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Jun 01, 2020

We are not immune to dental problems. Even with proper dental care, sometimes our teeth can chip, crack, or worse still get extracted due to accidents and falls. These dental problems affect not only your dental structure but also your appearance. Your best solution to fixing your smile is cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry primarily focuses on improving dental aesthetics, but it also offers restorative benefits. Getting a smile makeover from a licensed dental clinic offers great benefits such as:

1.Prevent Bone and Jaw Degeneration

Our teeth are strong and designed to last for a lifetime. However, certain factors such as decay, accident, and falls can cause the teeth to be extracted. Teeth removal creates unsightly gaps in between your gums. According to several studies, leaving these gums unfilled leads to bone loss. Furthermore, the surrounding teeth may begin to shift to the available spaces causing the jaw structure to weaken.

Fortunately, we have several dental solutions that can help to replace the teeth. Dental bridges are a non-invasive solution. You need two to three dental visits for the bridges to be fixed. However, your enamel is reshaped to make room for the dental crowns and this is irreversible.

Dental bridges last for about 15 years with proper care. For a long-lasting dental solution, you can opt for dental implants. These are titanium screws that are surgically fixed on the jaw to anchor the artificial teeth. The implants require strong bone support to be fixed successfully.

However, if you have lost multiple teeth, then dental dentures are the ideal dental solution.

2.Gives A Brighter Smile

Tooth discoloration is at times inevitable because of our lifestyle and type of beverages we consume. Additionally, your teeth can get discolored because of repeated dental procedures and excessive use of fluoride.

Teeth whitening helps to get rid of the stains and brighten up your teeth. We offer both in-office and professional at-home whitening kits.

For the in-office treatment, we havea Zoom teeth whitening system which involves the use of the whitening agent and laser light. If you want the take-home kits, the dentist will give you Opalescence kits are ideal.

Both of these options offer effective whitening results. Dr. Strickland will recommend the ideal teeth whitening kit based on the severity of the teeth discoloration.

3.Straightens Your Teeth

Sometimes, the teeth may emerge misshapen or misaligned. Furthermore, the jaw and the teeth may also be out of alignment causing a few bite problems. With orthodontic treatment, you can correct the positioning of the teeth.

We have Invisalign braces for teeth whitening. These clear braces are customized to fit your dental structure. Unlike the traditional braces, Invisalign is invisible and removable. You receive a set of clear aligners that are to be worn for 22 hours a day for 14 days each.

4.Improve Dental Bites

Cracked and chipped teeth affect your biting and chewing. However, with tooth bonding, the dentist can restore the appearance. Composite bonding involves the application of a tooth-colored resin to repair the damage.

This procedure is non-invasive and takes about 30 to 60 minutes to be complete. Plus, dental anesthesia is not used unless you have dental decay.

5.No Unsightly Gaps

Dental gaps damper your appearance. But, using dental veneers or crowns can help close these gaps and change the size, shape, and length of your teeth.

Dental veneers are thin shells bonded to the surface of the teeth. You can choose between composite or porcelain veneers. Both can repair your dental imperfections, but they have different pros and cons.

Dental crowns are also a solution but are available in different types. The dentist will guide you to choose the right dental crown based on the severity of your dental solution.

Get Your Smile Makeover!

Misaligned, crooked, crowded, or discolored teeth affect more than your smile. However, with cosmetic dentistry, you will be able to restore your teeth shape, color, and integrity.

Visit Strickland Family Dentistry in Sarasota, FL for your smile makeover. Our dentist will examine your teeth and gums and choose suitable dental treatment.

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