Helpful Actions in a Dental Emergency

Helpful Actions in a Dental Emergency

Dec 12, 2019

When you experience an oral injury or a dental problem you must know whether you need emergency dental care and your dental insurance is covering the costs for you. Rushing to the emergency dentist near you without the information in your possession can result in a wasted trip because not all dental problems can be considered as emergencies. A tooth falling out, pain from a dental crown or a chipped tooth can be serious but not necessarily an emergency. Therefore it is suggested that you consider your options beforehand to avoid wasting time on the road.

Can a Toothache Be Considered an Emergency?

Toothaches must be considered seriously but may not necessarily need emergency dental care. It can be an indication of a major problem which could lead to more serious dental issues if left uncared for. You should contact your dentist whenever you have a toothache. They can help you determine whether you need to see them immediately for treatment.

What are the Common Types of Emergencies?

A severe toothache, a tooth abscess, an accident where a tooth or teeth have been knocked out are some examples that require emergency dental care in Sarasota, FL, because this can be considered as dental emergencies. However, you need to know when you should see emergency treatment from a dentist near you.

Discuss with your dentist anytime you have dental pain, suffer an injury or trauma to the mouth which has led to broken or missing teeth, cuts, and other injuries. Apart from a toothache and other dental problems, dentists can also help you with the following:

  • Fixing a chipped tooth.
  • Fixing a filling.
  • Pain from a broken dental crown.
  • Repairing a broken tooth.
  • Abscess to the tooth.

These situations may not necessarily be dental emergencies but knowing how to care for them as best possible is essential for everyone.

What Are the Causes Dental Emergencies?

Getting involved in sporting activities, car accidents, work-related accidents and even playing around in the home can lead to injuries to the oral cavity resulting in a dental emergency. Having hard foods or drinking from glass bottles can also lead to a chipped tooth. Infections usually lead to a tooth abscess and when it is untreated can become an emergency that requires immediate treatment.

How Do You recognize a Dental Emergency?

Just because you have a dental problem does not mean you have to seek out emergency dental care. You may need emergency dental care at Sarasota, FL, if you have lost one or more teeth that are completely knocked out, your mouth has been injured and a tooth abscess is causing a lot of pain is an appropriate reason for you to be seen immediately by an emergency dentist.

Dental injuries or problems can worsen the situation if you do not receive proper care immediately. On the other hand, a filling that has come loose, a minor chipped tooth, and broken wires on braces are things that can wait until your dentist provides you an appointment. However, you should discuss with your dentist for instructions on any actions you can take.

Actions You Can Take If You Have a Dental Emergency?

If you have more than one teeth that have been disclosed should be contacting emergency dentistry without delay. The following steps are suggested to preserve and save the teeth.

  • Putting the teeth in a container of milk.
  • Packing the tooth socket the tooth from your mouth fell out with gauze all even a teabag.
  • Saving the pieces of chipped and broken teeth if possible.

If you have a dental emergency your dentist can provide you the guidance on where to seek the care you need if he or she is unable to provide you an appointment.

Dentists despite their hectic schedules always set time aside to see patients that approach them with emergencies. Their primary objective is to preserve and save the tooth and they will make every effort to ensure you get the treatment needed immediately. Even in situations where they are not available a dental team will be in place to assist you with the problem you are facing. You just need to ensure that your situation deserves emergency attention and you are not visiting emergency dentistry simply for completing a routine dental checkup.

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