Is It Possible to Have A Root Canal Done in One Visit?

Is It Possible to Have A Root Canal Done in One Visit?

Apr 21, 2020

The term ‘root canal’ refers to the hollow area inside a tooth that hosts the nerves and living tissue of the tooth, which together are called the ‘pulp’. If for any reason the pulp of a tooth becomes infected with bacteria, the only sure way to save the tooth is to entirely remove the pulp and have the tooth sealed. At Strickland Family Dentistry in Sarasota, FL, we have the skill and expertise needed to perform effective yet gentle root canal therapy. Our root canal dentist uses innovative instruments and machinery to ensure the procedure is effective, quick and most importantly painless. 

Multiple-Visit Approach 

Standard root canal treatments usually require two visits or more to be completed. In the case of two appointments, you can expect the first session to include creating an opening in the crown to provide access to the root canal and later cleaning and disinfecting the canal to get rid of the infected tissue. In the second phase of the treatment filling and sealing of the canal space is done. In between the two appointments, your dentist or endodontist will put some medication such as calcium hydroxide paste on the tooth, to keep continue with the disinfection of the canal. The time between the first and second visit usually varies across patients but mostly it is between 1-3 weeks. 

A multiple visit root canal treatment is a great choice when trying to contain endodontic flare-ups. Also, since the tooth remains medicated in between visits, the disinfection process is enhanced. Dentists may also opt for the multiple visit if they need to monitor the healing process before finally completing the treatment. 

One-Visit Approach 

Human beings are constantly pursuing efficiency and convenience in every area of life. Modern tools and improved technology have made it possible to perform root canal in one visit. Also, the reasoning behind splitting the procedure into multiple sessions was to see if any flare ups occurred, and if not, it was sign you are ready for sealing. However, this reasoning is disqualified as it has been confirmed that sealing a canal on the same day is effective at keeping off infections. Waiting to seal the canal later creates room bacteria to penetrate back inside possible leading to re-infections. Both single and multiple-visit treatments however remain effective but single-visit treatments have a reduced flare-up rate. 

A one-visit treatment gives you the advantage of having the complete treatment in single day. Before undergoing the procedure will evaluate your condition and determine if it is possible to have the procedure done in a single visit. Factors that may disqualify you from a one-visit canal therapy include; 

  • Where the infection is on multi-rooted teeth like the molars 
  • In emergency cases as the main priority of the dentist at that time will be to ease the pain before coming up with a suitable treatment plan 
  • If the tooth if being re-treated 
  • If the tooth is severely infected and requires extensive cleaning 

The greatest benefit associated with one-visit treatments is that they save time. You do not need to take multiple breaks from everyday life to deal with the issue. It may also be cheaper compared to have the treatment over multiple appointments. And the benefits are not just to the patients, the dentist also find it easy to work through the treatment as familiarity with the tooth and canal system is maintained since everything is done in one sitting. 

Although we at Strickland are happy to perform same-day root canal treatment, we do not rule out or undermine the need for multiple visits. Regardless of the approach used, the goal of the treatment is to save your tooth and restore a healthy smile. Each patient has a unique tooth anatomy and is affected by tooth infections in different ways. We provide personalized consultation with our experienced and friendly staff before concluding on the right course of treatment. You are welcome to contact us or visit our dental office if you need to learn more about root canal therapy.

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