Multiple or Single Visit Root Canal Treatment: Which One Would You Prefer?

Multiple or Single Visit Root Canal Treatment: Which One Would You Prefer?

Oct 01, 2020

If you are recommended root canal treatment, the fear of undergoing the therapy would be foremost in your mind. Root canal treatments are frequently completed in a couple of visits, especially if you have multiple root canals that must be cleaned.

Endodontists who are specialists in performing root canal treatments believe that this procedure must be completed in one visit. At the same time, many other professionals do not consider their opinion even in vital pulp therapy. Many professionals think and are proven right by studies conducted recently that report statistically insignificant differences between single and multiple visit endodontics with the survival rate, post-operative flareups or pain, and long-term prognosis. Therefore clinicians have differed in their preference to apply numerous or single visit endodontics in their everyday practices.

What Is One-Visit Root Canal Treatment?

One visit root canal therapy is a conservative and nonsurgical root canal treatment of an infected tooth involving complete chemomechanical preparation and obturation of the root canal in a single visit. With new techniques for implementing dental technology and materials science, the procedure is not considered an empirical therapy for cleaning root canals. The introduction of magnifying loupes, surgical microscopes, ultrasonic devices, NiTi Rotary instrument systems, and new obturation systems, which are injectable to one visit root canal therapy, is considered an acceptable alternative for the traditional treatment of endodontic issues.

If advised of this treatment by the root canal endodontist, you may have a question in your mind about can root canal be done in one visit? You could even be surprised with the specialist’s answer, who may respond, stating restorative dentistry can indeed be performed in one visit with the latest advances made in dental technology and dentistry.

Why Are Endodontists Favoring Single Visit Root Canal Treatment?

One visit root canal treatment is safe as far as post-operative pain and secondary infections are concerned, confirm many studies and clinical reports. The therapy is safe in necrotic as well as inflamed teeth. Teeth with periapical pathosis have also benefited from one-day treatments. However, dental professionals recommending root canal treatments must have a thorough understanding of endodontic treatment’s basic principles before deciding whether or not to complete the therapy in a single visit or two.

The effectiveness of one visit root canal and multiple visit root canal treatments is not substantially different. Therefore an intra-canal medication may become necessary during an inter-appointment during a one visit therapy to carefully debride the canals with adequate antimicrobial agents to accomplish effective obturation of the root canal system.

Patients will experience similar post-operative discomfort or pain. Patients preferring one visit root canal can visit randomized and controlled may experience a higher frequency of swelling and are likely to be recommended analgesics. The long-term success of one visit root canal treatment is also similar to multi-visit therapies.

If you are recommended, one visit root canal therapy by the root canal endodontist from Strickland Family Dentistry in Sarasota, FL, but would your reaction be? On the one hand, you may have questions in your mind about whether the treatment can truly be accomplished within the period specified by the specialist. At the same time, you will be happy that the suggestion helps you to save time and money and, most importantly, find relief from the pain you are experiencing in your tooth.

If you research one visit root canal treatment, you will undoubtedly notice many debates that are currently ongoing between endodontic specialists and other dentists. Many are in favor of continuing with the practice of multiple visit root canal treatments. Although fewer in number, endodontists are promoting single visit treatments as it helps relieve the patient from the pain being suffered. It allows patients to enjoy similar benefits with the restorative dentistry treatment that will enable them to get rid of the infection in their teeth to enjoy better lives than before.

You will benefit by accepting your dentist’s advice, who recommended the root canal and suggested the treatment accomplished in one visit to the dental office. One visit root canal will not subject you to any additional pain or discomfort. Still, it would provide you benefits by relieving the pain in your tooth faster, making it possible for you to proceed with getting a restoration in the form of a crown to have your smile back on your face finally.

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