Why Are Dental Emergencies Delicate and How Should They Be Handled?

Why Are Dental Emergencies Delicate and How Should They Be Handled?

Jul 01, 2020

When affected by a dental problem, you must seek prompt treatment from your family dentist. Dental issues are delicate because they can mean the difference between saving or losing a tooth. At times dental emergencies can also be life-threatening. How would you react if a dental emergency occurred in the evenings, on the weekend, or a holiday? You would undoubtedly search for ways to handle dental emergencies, but are you aware of what exactly is a dental emergency?

Dental Emergencies Explained

Experiencing dental or oral pain on occasions is not uncommon among many people. While some problems can wait, others demand prompt attention to eliminate pain or to avoid serious infections.

Emergency dental care is generally needed to address trauma to the mouth and broken teeth. Loosened or broken fillings also need attention as soon as possible. However, it can be difficult for you to determine whether your specific problem requires emergency dental care or can wait for your regular dentist to see you.

In most cases, emergency dental or oral issues can be identified by asking yourself a few questions, such as:

  • Are you experiencing excruciating pain and bleeding in the mouth?
  • Do you have a loose adult tooth?
  • Can prompt treatment from the dentist in Sarasota save a knocked-out tooth?
  • Are you displaying signs of an infection and experiencing fever, swelling around the gums and face, and a foul smell?

If you have answered positively to the above questions, you must seek prompt attention from Dr. George Strickland of Strickland Family Dental.

What Is Not a Dental Emergency?

If the dental issue affecting you can wait for a couple of days, emergency care will not be necessary. Many times problems that you believe are critical are, in reality, less concerning than imagined. For example, chipped and cracked tooth without sharp fragments and pain confirms you can wait for your regular dentist during working hours. A toothache also doesn’t require emergency treatment unless you have signs of an abscess like pimples on the gums, swelling on the face, and a high fever.

Lost crowns and fillings can usually wait for a few days before your dentist treats the condition. Lost crowns can be affixed temporally by using over-the-counter denture adhesive or dental cement. Similarly, lost fillings can also be managed by temporally inserting a piece of sugar-free gum into the cavity.

Why Are Dental Emergencies Delicate?

Leaving dental issues untreated can make you susceptible to losing your teeth and increasing the chances of serious infections. These issues will not only expose you to loss of time and financial consequences but will keep you away from work and family responsibilities.

When you seek prompt dental treatment, it can help you to preserve your natural teeth and functionality while also reducing the risks of serious diseases having long-term consequences. Emergency dental care can alleviate the severe dental pain you are experiencing to leave you free to continue with your other activities. Emergency dental care is an intelligent alternative to conventional emergency rooms that only offer limited care while charging you exorbitant fees.

How Does the Dentist Recommended Handle Emergency Dental Cases?

The recommended dentist can offer emergency dental issues timely dental care even beyond office hours. If the emergency occurs during regular hours, the dental team of the facility will do their best to accommodate you for a same-day appointment. You will get an opportunity to speak to one of their treatment coordinators over the telephone, who will provide appropriate guidelines on how to manage your issue before the appointment.

Preventing Dental Emergencies Is Possible with Proper Planning

Proper planning can help to prevent most types of dental emergencies. Some like accidents cannot be avoided, but precautions can undoubtedly be put in place to prevent trauma to the face and mouth. Visiting your regular dentist frequently for checkups and examinations will help the dental professional to identify any issues that may progress into an emergency. He or she can create a treatment plan ahead of time to ensure you are not affected by a tricky situation. A knocked out or lose adult tooth will require attention from an emergency dentist when it affects you beyond office hours. Thankfully many perceived emergencies can wait for an appointment with your regular dentist unless you prefer visiting emergency dentistry for immediate attention.

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