Why Do You Require Regular Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Why Do You Require Regular Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Apr 01, 2021

Everyone experiences dental problems or dental concerns at some time in their lifetime. It may be a cavity, or you want to align or whiten your teeth. Some of these issues may be straightforward or maybe multiple dental issues. At Strickland Family Dentistry, you can have a full mouth rehabilitation for your numerous dental problems.

Full mouth rehabilitation or reconstruction involves a variety of treatments done over time and are meant to take care of your teeth and keep them healthy. The rehabilitation treatment plan involves procedures that address absent teeth, worn teeth, pain, infection, misalignment, and many more. When the rehabilitation is over, you will enjoy good oral health, a beautiful and healthy smile, and confidence will also improve.

Signs That You Need Full Mouth Rehabilitation

The following signs will help you know if you need a full mouth rehabilitation:

  • Worn-down teeth

Everyone’s teeth wear down with time and age. Your teeth might seem tough, but they are subject to destruction. Years of chewing and biting will destroy your teeth. Having excessively worn-out teeth is not normal, and it may be painful. Wearing down your teeth can be caused by bruxism or teeth grinding, crunching, or eating tough foods or dental pathologies.

If your teeth wear excessively, it can lead to an infection of your pulp cavity, a misaligned bite, or severe health issues. At our dentist near you, this can be taken off through a full mouth rehabilitation. Your dentists can include a root canal, crown replacements, tooth replacement, or extraction during the rehabilitation.

Your teeth may wear down without your knowledge; it is, therefore, important to have regular physical examinations and dental check-ups twice a year to prevent them from worsening and causing dental problems.

  • Experiencing some types of chronic pain

If you notice frequent soreness on your joints or your muscles feel fatigued, headaches on the sides of your head, you may be experiencing a temporomandibular disorder. These disorders come with inflammation, irritation, and arthritic as a result of grinding or congenital issues.

Besides TMD being so painful, it can also affect your bite’s alignment and the ability to move your jaw freely. With full mouth rehabilitation, your TMD can be treated by night splints and orthodontic treatment. This will take care of the symptoms and any underlying issues.

  • Missing teeth

All most everyone has one or more missing teeth caused by either an injury or disease. Thanks to modern technology, you do not have to live with a missing tooth. There are dental treatment options like bridges, partial dentures, and dental implants that will effectively replace your tooth and restore your smile.

Many people prefer dental implants as their best option for smile restoration as they are permanent and cannot be differentiated from your natural teeth, and durable. Implants last a lifetime if taken care of very well and provide you with a desirable and healthy smile.

  • Severe gum disease

Gum disease affects a lot of people without even them noticing. One of the benefits of a regular dental check is earlies detecting a gum disease or any periodontal issue. Severe gum disease may lead to an oral infection, tooth loss, or even health conditions such as diabetes and sepsis.

Gum disease signs and symptoms may include feeling sore, bleeding, abscess in your mouth, or swollen gums. Your full mouth rehabilitation treatment plan will consist of scaling, laser therapy, or root planning to ensure your gums and teeth are healthy and control the disease. Once Dr. Shamsia Shafi treats the gum disease, you may be able to continue with the other dental procedure to keep your teeth and mouth healthy.

  • Dental Trauma

Accidents are never anticipated but are bound to happen. A sports injury, an accident, or any other traumatic event can damage your teeth. Whether you have a knocked-out tooth, pushed out of alignment, or chipped, a full mouth rehabilitation can restore them. Dental treatments like crowns, bridges, orthodontics, and implants can take care of your teeth and restore your smile. It ensures that you have an ideal bite with pain-free grinding, chewing, and speaking.

If you want a full mouth rehabilitation, visit our oral checkup in Sarasota, FL, at 34238 or book your appointment via our online application form.

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