Pediatric Dentist in Sarasota, FL

Friendly, Comfortable Dentistry for Children

Our doctors and staff love working with children. Children as young as three years old can receive services here. Our approach is to use a very gentle, nurturing touch when introducing your child to dentistry and good oral health care. Our goal is to create an environment where they aren’t afraid to come to the dentist. We will help your child to be comfortable and relaxed at our office and to understand that we are here to help them.

Gentle and Understanding Dentist

Dr. Strickland loves helping children get used to seeing the dentist. During their visit, Dr. Strickland will introduce your child to dentistry in a soft, caring way. He will explain what is going to happen, and why good dental care is important. He has a gentle touch and always works toward giving children a pleasant experience.

Your Child’s First Visits

We encourage you to start bringing your children in to see us when they are around three years old. We often start with simple visits where they can get to know us and have a fun, nonthreatening experience. If your child is older, their first visit may involve a simple exam or cleaning that is very noninvasive. It is intended to get them feeling comfortable with the staff and office so if or when they need a filling or other treatment, it will go smoothly.

Our Dental Services for Children

Our hygienist loves working with children. Before any treatment has begun, she will make sure your child is at ease in their surroundings. We provide the following minimally invasive and conservative dental services for children:

  • Gentle cleanings – We go slowly and explain the process in a simple way.
  • Sealants – This is a clear coating applied to the chewing surfaces of the teeth to prevent decay.
  • Tooth-colored fillings – These fillings blend in and do not contain mercury.
  • Very gentle extractions – Sometimes a baby tooth is badly damaged or decayed and needs to be removed. Dr. Strickland removes baby teeth with minimal discomfort.
  • Limited orthodontics – If a child’s teeth aren’t coming in straight, or room is needed for the jaw to grow, Dr. Strickland can provide orthodontic appliances to help correct this.
  • Easy-to-understand oral health education – This gives your child a chance to control their own oral health and keeps their visits to the dentist at a minimum.

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