Full-Mouth Rehabilitation in Sarasota, FL

Restore Your Smile to Full Function and Beauty

Many things can affect the condition of your teeth and gums. Illness, accidents, the aging process and neglect are just some of the ways teeth can become dull and broken-down, and gums can become unhealthy. You do not have to live with mouth pain, chewing problems or a less-than-beautiful smile. Dr. Strickland can give you a beautiful, healthy smile with a full-mouth rehabilitation.

Full-mouth rehabilitation can include several different procedures, from veneers, implants with crowns, bridges or dentures to root canal therapy and gum disease treatment. Dr. Strickland’s excellent communication skills enable him to fully understand what you want and need, and his comprehensive diagnostics and precise treatment planning for these larger cases are all aimed to bring your smile back to its full function and beauty. We begin with the end in mind, so you will be completely happy with the results!

Our Full-Mouth Rehabilitation Consultation

Dr. Strickland’s comprehensive, diagnostic approach to treatment planning enables him to create the optimal design in order to achieve your beautiful, functional smile. The first step in your full-mouth rehabilitation is a full, comprehensive dental consultation.

Discuss your goals

Dr. Strickland will talk with you and collect information about you, your concerns and your expectations. By listening carefully to what you want to achieve, he can start with your expected final goals in mind. He may use dental models or digital mock-ups to show you where you are now and explain how he can get you to where you want to be.

Exam and digital images

You will receive a full oral exam. Included in the exam are digital X-rays and digital photos of the inside and outside of your mouth. Using these tools, Dr. Strickland can see exactly what your existing conditions are.

Your full treatment plan

Using all of the information he’s gathered, Dr. Strickland will develop a custom treatment plan for your new and improved smile. Your new smile will be fully functional, long-lasting and natural-looking.

Our Full-Mouth Rehabilitation Procedure

A full-mouth rehabilitation can involve one or more procedures, including dental implants, porcelain crowns, bridges, dentures and more. After your comprehensive exam, photos and digital X-rays, Dr. Strickland may take impressions of your mouth for a study model. He uses this model to show you how your smile will look after your full-mouth rehabilitation is complete. The custom treatment plan he creates for you will result in a durable, beautiful, functioning smile.

Temporary and final new teeth

Dr. Strickland may place temporary teeth that are both aesthetic and functional. You will wear these teeth for two to three weeks, while your permanent teeth are being crafted at the lab. The temporaries will give you an opportunity to test out your new teeth for proper fit and function. If any changes are needed, they can be made at that time, so the final teeth are completely comfortable and functional.

When your final restorations (replacement teeth) are ready, you’ll come back and Dr. Strickland will place them. He’ll check carefully to make sure they are comfortable and cosmetically correct. When both you and he are 100% satisfied, he will bond them in.

Gentle, comfortable treatment

We want you to be as comfortable as possible during your procedure. We use The Wand®, a computerized system that administers anesthetic without sensation. If you have trouble relaxing during dental work, we offer oral sedation. We provide pillows, blankets and headphones, and we have televisions and DVD players in the rooms.

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